Quality making and repair of violin family instruments.

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October 11-12, 2009 - Canadian Viola Society in Montreal

Pictures from the Canadian Viola Society event in Montreal, Quebec over Thanksgiving weekend.

October 6, 2009 - Workshop Renovation Pictures

We recently renovated the workshop at the new location. For pictures of the transformation click the image below!

October 1, 2009 - NEW LOCATION!

Fine Strings is now in a new location in Ottawa's East End (Beacon Hill North) at 2116 Fillmore Crescent, which is 15 minutes from downtown near the intersection of Montreal Rd and Ogilvie Rd. For a map click here.

30, 2009 - Purfling in the Pear Wood Viola

I have now put the purfling in the viola. Click on the image below for pictures!

August 18, 2009 - See you at the Canadian Viola Society Celebration in October!

I will be at the Canadian Viola Society (CVA) 30th Anniversary Celebration in Montreal, October 10. I will be showcasing my handmade instruments and displaying some instruments that I currently have for sale. Please come and find me and say hello!

   The CVA website is www.viola.ca

August 15, 2009 - Construction of a Pear Wood Viola

Traditionally, the back, ribs and neck of a violin family instrument are made of Maple. However, some other hardwoods are able to be and have been used (Poplar and Fruit woods) to a good effect. Studies have shown the acoustic resonance of other woods is comparable to flamed/figured maple even though they might not be as commonly used. Dr. Bernard Richardson (University of Cardiff, Wales) gave a talk on this subject which I attended at Lutherie 2007. Inspired by this I have begun making a Viola in the workshop with a fruit wood, specifically Pear. Click the image below to see the progress so far on the back and top plates.

July 1, 2009 - finestrings.ca is live! and Happy Canada Day!

My website is now live! Here you can find out all about me, the services I offer, my handmade instruments and instruments that are currently for sale.

Olivia in her downtown Ottawa workshop

Happy Canada Day!


Olivia Pelling | Luthier
Fine Strings
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