Quality making and repair of violin family instruments.

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Trusts and Charities

     Rowan Armour-Brown Trust Fund - http://www.rabtrust.org
     Luthiers Sans Frontieres - http://www.luthierssansfrontieres-lsf.org
     The Leading Note Foundation - http://www.leadingnotefoundation.org


     British Violin Making Association - http://www.bvma.org.uk
     Violin Society of America - http://www.vsa.to
     International Viola d'Amore Society e.V. - http://www.violadamoresociety.org/
     The Strad Magazine - http://www.thestrad.com

Canadian Music

     National Arts Centre Orchestra - http://www.nac-cna.ca/en/naco
     Ontario Fiddling - http://www.fiddle.on.ca/fiddle
     Ottawa Chamber Orchestra - http://www.ottawachamberorchestra.ca

Olivia Pelling | Luthier
Fine Strings
2116 Fillmore Crescent Ottawa ON K1J 6A4
613.325.0752 olivia@finestrings.ca